A Clear Blue Mind

Paperback – April 21, 2016

A clear blue mind is a clear mind with no doubt or confusion and the blue mind has depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and the knowing of a heaven or universal energy of one.

Lea L.
Lea L.
A Clear Blue Mind-Reviewed in Canada on June 22, 2016
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What a wonderful read. I had a hard time putting it down. There is a lot of wisdom in this book as it truly spoke to me. The part about one's ego stayed with me and gave me food for thought days later. The author has a beautiful way of sharing her experiences and the journey she had to go through to get to where she is today. Truly inspirational!


Dawna turned 50 in 2021 and is loving life, where she is, and how her life is unfolding. Her motto is ‘LIVE, LOVE, AND LAUGH’, and believes that if you follow those three simple steps, with a little faith, then life is great! She strives to follow her instincts and where life leads her and writing was on that path for her. She loves to write and is especially drawn to romance and erotica. It’s easy for her to imagine the love, romance, and passion that people share along with a mystical, ethereal presence which she explores through her books. She believes it is important to be open to love and the unknown and to follow life where ever it may take you.

After 23 years of being a massage therapist and Craniosacral therapist, Dawna began writing in 2014 after a guided meditation; and in this meditation was given a book with blank pages by her grandmother. This blank book was the message to begin writing, though she wasn’t sure what she would be writing about. With the computer in front of her, she just began writing and soon found that this writing would be healing for her and her first book ‘A Clear Blue Mind’ became the start of her writing career.

Once Dawna’s first book was done she realized how much she loved writing and decided to try something different, not so serious as the first book, something a little more fun. Romance books had been a favorite of hers and so she began writing. With no real idea of where to start, she trusted that the story would unfold in front of her and so it did. As Dawna started to type, only knowing the first characters’ names, a movie began playing in her head and so she just began writing what she was seeing. This is how her first romance book ‘Calypso – The Hideaway’ began.

The second book in the Calypso series, ‘Blue Night’, was published in 2020 and Dawna is now beginning to work on the third book in the series. Besides writing Dawna enjoys working with her family on their family farm of grain and bison. In the fall during harvest, you will find her driving one of the combines, her favorite part of farming. As the nights get colder the Saskatchewan skies come alive, the stars are brilliantly bright and on some nights the northern lights will be out dancing across the sky.

Dawna along with her family and friends enjoy spending much of the summer up at their cabin, which is on a beautiful, quiet little lake in Saskatchewan. This is her favorite place to be and go kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, walking, visiting, beaching it during the day with a cold beer or margarita, and cozying up to the fire at night with family and friends and a glass of wine. There’s nothing better than that!

Travelling is also important to Dawna and finds herself with great family/friends somewhere warm, escaping the cold Saskatchewan winter if only for a short time. From the warmth of the weather to the different cultures and people, she enjoys experiencing it all. Though Dawna loves the island life, whichever island that may be, she is still excitedly waiting until she can visit Europe and all that it has to offer.

Dawna also loves to learn about wine, trying different countries and varieties of grapes, though her favorites are California cabernet sauvignons. She once had the opportunity to travel to Californias’ wine country and is definitely going back to tour a lot more of the amazing wineries. So with a glass of wine in hand, Dawna looks forward to what life has in store for her in the future and what will come next. Cheers!


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Calypso: The Hideaway

Paperback – April 20, 2018

Calypso follows the passion of a heart and finds Cassidy’s heart calling out for love. Calypso, an unembodied voice, comes to her just when she needs her the most. Cassidy finds herself drawn into an ethereal romance, and without any doubt, she follows, wanting her fairy tale man. Hayden seems to be just that.

Hayden, a confidant, single man who is damn good at romancing any woman, and he knows he is damn good at it, isn’t about to give in to a mystical voice telling him what to do. He enjoys being single but from the moment he looks into Cassidy’s eyes, there is a sensual fire that begins to burn between them and it is impossible to ignore.

There is something pulling them together and the attraction is undeniably and soulfully seductive. Calypso works to bring their love together without disregarding their free will, she allows them to choose their love for each other, but will Hayden see his love for Cassidy before it is too late.

Blue Night (Calypso)

Paperback – September 8, 2020

Calypso, the ethereal energy of love, comes to the aid of the hearts that call out to her. She comes from a fantasy realm, and brings hope and love to those who look for it.

In Blue Night, Calypso has come to help Ella find her true love—and herself. A lonely and angry photographer, Ella struggles to find the woman she once was, buried under the pain of losing her parents. Realizing she has been full of anger in all her relationships, she leaves her boyfriend and moves back home, determined to find the woman she used to be. Instead she finds Vaughn, a handsome neighbour, and Beau, an old flame from her childhood. Both men stir her passion: one a kind and thoughtful friend, the other a burning and passionate lover.

Mistakes and misunderstandings cause challenges as Ella navigates her desires, pain, and the belief that her true love is waiting for her. But she won’t be ready for love until she can heal the pain in her heart, and find her way back to the kind person she used to be.

A Clear Blue Mind

Paperback – April 21, 2016

A clear blue mind is a clear mind with no doubt or confusion and the blue mind has depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and the knowing of a heaven or universal energy of one. Our mind is where our soul meets our earthly body. Imagine if everyone had a clear blue mind, knowing exactly who and what they are and how that would change their lives and the world we live in.

The possibilities are endless and it is so exciting to know that more and more people are looking for more in life. I am working on a clear blue mind and I am finding an amazing journey unfolding. Having an open mind to all possibilities has made me aware of the power of who we are and what we all can accomplish. I am sharing some of my experiences in my life and the crazy wonderful things I have learned.

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